Josun Brask

A powerful man in the underworld of Ord Radama


Physical Description

Brask is a mountain of a person standing nearly 2m tall and weighing in at 168kg. In contrast to his pale skin he sports a large, bushy mustache and beard as dark as his large mane of hair with hints of grey coming through. His brown eyes are alternatively shrewd and calculating or bright and jolly. He prefers to wear gaudy, expensive furs shipped in from across the galaxy and has many ornate rings on his fingers.


In public, Josun Brask is loud, boisterous and appears a bit of a fool: quick to laugh and voice his short-sighted opinions. When it comes time to deal, however, the facade quickly drops and the shrewd businessman comes out. Brask is canny and quick-witted and can switch between soothing flattery and terrifying coercion in the blink of an eye.

Status and Affiliations

To most of Ord Radama Josun Brask is the foremost name in domestic appliances, a name synonymous with the coveted balance of quality and affordability. He has a rare reputation in business circles as a straight dealer and valuable ally. Few suspect his status as the foremost criminal kingpin in the Esstran Sector. As successful a businessman as Brask is, his true genius and success come from his extralegal enterprises. Starting from nothing, Brask bullied, bribed and extorted his way into nearly galactic prominence. Even more remarkable, in spite of his success he has made few enemies and is on good terms with both the Black Sun and Hutts and frequently dines with Governor Orgraal. He openly and staunchly supports the Empire even if he does disagree with some of their more xenophobic policies and does what he can to aid the local Devlikks.



Josun Brask

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