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Zenith of the Empire takes place 10 years after the extermination of the Jedi and formation of the Galactic Empire and 9 years before the Battle of Yavin. The Empire has solidified its power in the coreward regions and has now begun expanding into the Outer Rim and building its power-base there.

The Outer Rim world of Ord Radama serves as a major base and staging area for this effort with a substantial Imperial fleet station in orbit above the planet and many task fleets and expeditions launching into the surrounding sectors from its dockyards. Under the rule of the ruthless Governor Orgrall the Empire has enslaved the native Devlikks and expanded the cityscape to cover over half of the planet.

Yet even in this bastion of Imperial strength a vibrant underworld thrives. Extensive corruption and corporate favoritism has allowed powerful crime lords to emerge and thrive. Foremost of these is Josun Brask, legitimate businessman by day and a criminal kingpin with influence in three sectors by night. Using his power, money, and influence in various ways Brask has assembled a personal task force that he will use for his sensitive missions…

Dramatis Personae

The Player Characters
Aerdyn Lha’dur, disgraced Bothan politician
Cheno Tet, Trandoshan ex-mercenary
Cole Click (“Shadow”), teenage Human thief
Joordi, Rodian pilot and scout
Talia Imperio (“June”), Human con woman


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